As a way of giving back to the community, here are some programs and libraries, complete with source, developed by Stonetics.

These items are free for any purpose. See the included license text for details.

All of these items were developed for Mac OS X, and are in Stuffit 6/MacBinary format.

Communigate Pro log bounce reporter
Extracts bounces from a Communigate Pro log and emails them to the administrator
NEW - Python script with many enhancements
Downloads as text file. Rename to CGPLogSummary.py
New Version on 2004-02-06
Download (36KB)

The previous version is still available:

Perl script as text file. Rename to cgp_log_reporter.pl
Download (5KB)

Mersenne Random Number generator
Derived from the Mersenne Twister
C++ class (source only)
Download (4.5KB)

iTunes Remote
Controls volume and transport for iTunes 3 running on any OS X 10.1 or higher computer on your network. Source in AppleScript Studio.
Download (162KB)

Audion Remote
Like iTunes Remote, but controls Audion 3 (OS X).
Download (129KB)